Yuri Lowell True Knight Ver. & Repede 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

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Character Name:
Release Date:
Dec 2019
Yuri: Approx. 20cm, Repede: Approx. 17cm


From the "justice" serving RPG "Tales of Vesperia" comes a figure set of Yuri Lowell and his faithful dog Repede.
For this figure Yuri is depicted in the outfit titled "Holy Knight in One's Heart", which has a different feel from usual with his hair tied into a ponytail and the knight-like style of the outfit. Add this to the handsome smile on his face and Yuri's charms are well captured. The hair flows to match the stance he takes with the sword and the dynamically created hem of the outfit pass on the anticipation of the coming battle.
Like Yuri, Repede's figure is also designed to capture the moment before a battle with the stance holding a short sword and backing towards Yuri. The gaze well suits Repede with is cool conviction, and the graceful body looks as if it will pounce at any moment.
This figure's aim is for viewers to feel the bond between Yuri and Repede so add it to your collection and experience it for yourself!

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